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Our mission is to offer our customers specialised solutions with the most appropriate and advantageous proposal, adapted to their own needs. We can achieve this because of our continuous analysis and intense concentration towards the project. We also provide the local manpower because it is cost effective and there is no need for the complicated paper work.

For a better understanding of our company and what we do, look at the General Presentation of 3NAROTS below.


3NAROTS, established in 2010, is in itself a young Company, but offers many years combined Technical and Managerial experience. Most of this is within South East Asia and the Middle East sourcing quality in terms of:

  • Management

  • Installation

  • Manpower

  • Service

  • Equipment & Spare parts


​We have since the beginning been focused on delivering quality service and have carried out a number of interesting jobs aiming at industries such as:

  • Dairy Processing

  • Food Processing

  • Cold Storage

  • Fish Oil

  • Bio-Fuel Solutions

Our Core Values

We operate with a high degree of professionalism, accountability and credibility. Understanding the importance and urgency of what the customer needs is one of our basic principles.

Each day gives new challenges - we fundamentally believe that a sense of humour and a natural, polite approach to our customers lead to a trusting and constructive cooperation.

Our Vision

Our vision is always to improve our ability to provide companies with engineering, design and construction of modern, innovative, efficient and integrated industrial projects. We want to feel proud of our collaborations next to our customers and our suppliers.

"We bring sense together - along with people and equipment"

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